FAQs about Women's Resource Center - Working Women's Clothes Closet

What is the purpose of the WORKING WOMEN’S CLOTHES CLOSET (WWCC)?

The WWCC is one of many valuable services the Women’s Resource Center offers in its mission to serve deserving women who are seeking to improve their economic situation with meaningful employment by developing job skills and career goals.

Why is the WWCC needed?

Making a good first impression is invaluable to job seekers. Although much of the business world has relaxed its dress code, it is still preferable to dress in a suit for job interviews. For many of the women using our job development services, there is no extra money in their budget to buy new business clothing. The WWCC offers women professional clothing free of charge in order to help them present themselves in a professional manner during their job search.

How much clothing does a woman receive?

During a 90 minute appointment, each woman is able to choose three outfits. Our volunteer personal shoppers help her coordinate these items so she has versatility beyond her initial outfits.

Are the women charged for clothing?

No, the WWCC service is offered free of charge to women participating in our programs and services. With volunteer assistance and generous donations from the community, we are able to offer this service at no cost to our participants.


The WWCC is made available to women who are currently participating in WRC programs and services.

Where do you get the professional clothing?

WWCC relies on donations of gently used business clothing and accessories from the community to keep the closet well stocked. We accept items in all sizes.  

Specifically, what clothing items do accept?

Here is a list of items we accept:


            -BLAZERS                                                -DRESS PANTS     

            -BLOUSES                                               -SKIRTS  


What about shoes and purses?

Yes, we accept accessories that are business appropriate.

These items include:

             - DRESS SHOES               - JEWELRY

             - HANDBAGS                      - SCARVES

            - BELTS

Do you accept undergarments?

We can only accept new BRAs and HOSIERY (trouser socks, knee highs, panty hose).

Do you ever sell any clothing?

Yes, we do send some items to local consignment shops to be sold. Often, we receive beautiful clothing items that are either too dressy or too casual for use as business attire. We send these items to local consignment shops who sell the items. We receive a portion of the profits and that money is used to purchase new items (i.e. bras) and to cover the overhead costs of running the closet.

We do this for two reasons: First, we believe consigning items is a creative way to financially help support the closet so we can continue to offer this free service to our participants. Secondly, we believe in supporting local businesses owned by women. We feel this is a  win-win situation for all concerned. 

What else do I need to know with regard to clothing donations?

We ask that all donated clothing be:

-CLEAN (no dirt, stains or strong odors)

            -In good CONDITION (no piling, no broken zippers or falling hems)

            -CONSERVATIVE in color and fit (appropriate for job interviews)

            -CURRENT in style (no more than 4 years old) and in season (we do not have

               storage for off season clothing)

            -CLASSIC in style and shape

Where do I bring my donations?

Donations may be dropped off at our office: M–W-Th 9am - 5pm, Tu 9am –7pm, F 9am – 12n.

If you have a largedonation please contact us to schedule a drop off time.

We also accept cash donations to purchase new items and help defray the overhead costs of providing this program. Checks may be made out to WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTER.

Could I hold a clothing drive for WWCC at my office or with my civic group?

Absolutely! Simply post signs advertising the clothing drive and have boxes available as collection points. Then contact the WWCC Coordinator and arrange for a time to drop off the donations. We can supply you with receipts that donors can use for tax purposes.

I want to help, but I don’t have business clothing to donate.

Here are a couple of creative ways you could help the WWCC.

-Hold a Support the Sisters campaign at your office or with your women’s group. Have each person purchase a new bra (any size) to be donated to the WWCC. For added fun, have the women put the new bra on (over her clothes, of course) and take a group picture. We will post it on our Facebook page and give your group a shout out of Thanks!

Could someone visit my civic group or office and tell us more about the WWCC and Women’s Resource Center?

We would love to visit your group and make a brief presentation on the WWCC as well as all the services WRC offers to women in the community. Contact the WWCC Coordinator to make arrangements.

For any other questions, please contact:  Linda Dietrich, [email protected], 458-5443, ext. 130  


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